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Adventure High 0.36 is now out. For those who have not played it, Adventure High is a Visual Novel/RPG that focuses on player choice, temptation, and consequence that takes place at a magical college. There is a strong focus on mind control, and a secondary focus on transformation throughout the game. Here's what's new in this version of the game. 

- Play scene with Mindless Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles.
- Play Scene with Normal Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles.
- Added 1 scene with Val on Redemption plot
- Added release scene for Molly
- Added release scene for Jane, Including alternate enslavement of Dr. Tiff
- Treasure Chest added to 11th dungeon floor. Only obtainable with Doll Sarah in party.
- 2 scenes added for Funtime Sarah plot.
- Art by Caveman Doodles added for Funtime Sarah scene.
- 1 scene added for Molly, including Grapple scene image by Hilent
- 1 background updated
- 1 scene added to submissive plotline
- 1 scene added to Mysterious revenge plotline
- 1 scene added to Bimbo Val conversations


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Right now, Ariel held all the cards. Her aunt-in-law Becka was quite literally begging at her feet now. She never really had an interest in Becka before today, but seeing her on her knees now, helplessly aroused and promising to do anything would easily be enough to change anyone's mind on that.

“I suppose I do have a FEW experiments that I was looking to test on someone...” She said coyly, watching her aunt for her reaction.

“Anything! Whatever you want!”

“You say that but… Hm… I'm not so sure...”

“What??? Please! I'll prove it!”

She nodded to herself. The lipstick was certainly a success. She would have to do some more testing with it later. Perhaps she could kiss a random person in public and see how long it takes them to track her down. That would have to wait though. She had other experiments to try.

“If you are sure, follow me.” she said, turning and leading Becka down into the lab.

“Wh-what kind of… Experiment are we going to do?” Becka asked nerviously as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh… Just a little experiment involving free will.”


“If you don't like it, you can go.”

“No I… I mean… Wh-What kind of experiment?”

She didn't answer. She didn't need to. Instead, she continued to walk through her lab with Becka trailing behind her. She had a lot of different devices she could test, but right now, she felt like testing something a bit more… Long term… than she usually was able to test on willing participants.

Eventually, her wandering brought her to a collar. One that emitted a short range radio wave at exactly the right frequency to disrupt a person's decision making processes. It would not render them completely mindless but rather, it would overwhelmingly flood their mind with the message that they must obey her no matter what. In theory, this should make any individual an ideal slave who can be trained effortlessly without any need to remove the collar for adjustments.

In addition to testing the collar though, she was curious just how far she could push the lipstick's effect. Becka seemed to be all but completely enthralled at this point. She wondered if Becka could even manage to say no to her.

“So, this is the experiment” she said holding up the collar.

“What… What does it do?”

“Oh… It completely strips away the free will of anyone who wears it. Rendering them a devoted slave for as long as I decide to let them keep wearing it.” she said bluntly, exaggerating just a bit as she watched Becka for her reaction.

Becka bit her lip, struggling with her pent up desires against her fear of the experiment. Finally she spoke up “It… It's just for a minute right? You… You put it on do a quick test and take it off?”


“H-How long...”

“As long as it lasts.”


“I need to see if there is any length of time at which the device fails to suppress the will of the test subject. So, You will wear it indefinitely.”

“N-No I… I don't…”

Before she could finish her protest, Ariel leaned forward, placing another peck on her lips. She could see Becka's eyes dialating as the chemicals went to work once again.

“Remember what your reward is.”

“Y… Yes…”

“Go ahead and put this on now and we'll have some fun after.”

An apprehensive expression spread across Becka's face as she looked back and forth between Ariel and the collar. Slowly, uncertainly she reached out for it, taking it and wrapping it around her own neck.

“So just… I connect it and… That's it?”

“That's right. You'll be a mindless slave for the rest of your life”

Becka froze again, her face flushing as she apparently struggled to decide if she wanted to finish clasping the collar around her neck now. As she watched her aunt struggle, a grin spread across Ariel's face as she gave her one more little prod.

“You'll be MY slave for the rest of your life.”

With that little push, Becka seemed to finally make up her mind. The soft sound of the collar snapping into place was like music to her ears as she watched her aunt slide down to her knees.

“I… I am yours...” she whispered, staring down at Ariel's feet as the collar worked over her will, ensuring total submission.

“Excellent.” Ariel said, already shrugging off her lab coat as she spoke “Now, we're going to lay down some ground rules. From now on, you are my slave any time you are alone with me.”
“Yes, of course”

“When you are with your husband, you will be a perfect housewife. No more gold digging.” She said, lifting her shirt over her head and tossing it lightly to the ground before reaching around to unhook her bra to give it the same treatment.

“I… Yes Mistress… I will be good...”

“When you are with the rest of my family you will act as your normal self, minus the begging for money.” She continued, now unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down, letting them fall to the floor as soon as gravity was able to take over.

“Yes, Mistress. Of course...”

Hooking her thumbs into her panties and pulling them down, Ariel had finally finished undressing. In spite of all the playing around she was starting to get impatient for this part. Though… She still wasn't entirely sure why. Before today her sex drive had hardly been something noteworthy.

“You may eat me out, Slave” She said as she continued to ponder. Sure, most of her work did involve her few fetishes but she always had more fun tinkering with them and theorizing than actually doing anything with a real person…

Her eyes widened as her mind connected the dots for her. This must have been the doing of that experiment. Why had she forgotten twice already? She was supposed to get the chip out before it messed with her mind even more.

- Resistance detected.

- Behavior Modification Program Initiated.

Shit. The chip was smart. As smart as she was at least, whenever she thought of resisting it would know. How would she-

-Restraining Body.

This was bad. But she still had her slave. Maybe she could have her…

-Muting voice.

Damnit! Why did she have to program the chip like this? She had really outsmarted herself with this one. She could feel Becka's tongue lapping against her folds as she remained frozen in place.

By now, she knew what was coming. But this time, it was a bit different. This time she had Becka's tongue diving into her. Stimulating her in ways that she only wished she could express. The pleasure was almost unbearable when she couldn't do so much as moan.

-Adjusting Parameters.

She just wished she had enough motion to gyrate her hips. To squirm. To make any tiny motion to relieve the tension brought on by the intense pleasure. By Becka's tongue fishing for her every most sensitive spot.

- Adjusting Parameters

She could almost swear that Becka must have done this before. Her tongue worked it's way into and through her expertly, and she knew the collar didn't have any sort of programming in it to help her. She was almost glad that she was immobilized right now, or she might have fallen onto the floor.

- Adjusting Parameters

What kind of Mistress would she look like if she had a moment of weakness like that? She was thankful that the chip froze her in place just when it did. It kept her composure. Allowed her to stand strong in spite of the almost debilitating pleasure she was experiencing now.

Becka had by now wrapped her arms around Ariel's legs. Pressing her face into Ariel's crotch as she greedily lapped at, kissed, and probed her. Every moment felt more intense than the last, and each moment of silence seemed to coax Becka into trying even harder to please her Mistress.

Finally, she felt a muted spasm flow through her body. She still could not move, but the subtle vibration and the explosion of pleasure that came with it left little doubt in her mind what had just happened. She actually came while frozen.

- Releasing Body

Her knees felt weak. She wanted to just slide down and collapse on the floor. But she couldn't. She had to stay strong. Stay dominant. She had be in control now.

“That was acceptable, Slave.” She said, looking down at Becka who was busy lapping up the last of her juices.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now go upstairs, and take care of the dishes for me. You need practice for being a housewife.” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress” Becka responded, bowing her head briefly before standing and heading back towards the first floor of the house.

In truth, she barely cared about the dishes. She just didn't want to be seen by her new slave as she slid down to her knees. Was it that intense because Becka was that good… Or was it because she was frozen by the chip?

She took several moments to catch her breath before slowly, carefully, lifting herself back onto her feet. Her legs still felt unsteady. They wobbled slightly with every step she took as she walked back to her computer desk. She had to write down all of her observations today before she forgot any of the juicy details.

It was a relief when she finally made it to her chair and slumped down on it. In as much detail as she could, she recounted everything that had happened today. Finally noting at the end…

“Experiment 1: Crowdsourcing Chip is a complete success. No adjustments needed. I do not need to remove it. Never need to remove it.”

“Experiment 2: Lipstick has passed first test. Further testing would be fun may be necessary”

“Experiment 3: Control Collar is inconclusive. Submission may or may not be a result of the lipstick. Further testing recommended.”

“Experiment 4: Sex feels good. Further testing needed.”

With her notes finally done, she stood up, testing her legs once again. The strength seemed to have returned to her for now. The only question on her mind now was… what should she do next?
Ariel's Experiment 3
This is part three of Ariel's Experiment. If you would like to vote on what will happen next you can do so here:…

Part 2:…

Adventure High 0.36 is now out. For those who have not played it, Adventure High is a Visual Novel/RPG that focuses on player choice, temptation, and consequence that takes place at a magical college. There is a strong focus on mind control, and a secondary focus on transformation throughout the game. Here's what's new in this version of the game. 

- Play scene with Mindless Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles.
- Play Scene with Normal Cassandra added, with art by Caveman Doodles.
- Added 1 scene with Val on Redemption plot
- Added release scene for Molly
- Added release scene for Jane, Including alternate enslavement of Dr. Tiff
- Treasure Chest added to 11th dungeon floor. Only obtainable with Doll Sarah in party.
- 2 scenes added for Funtime Sarah plot.
- Art by Caveman Doodles added for Funtime Sarah scene.
- 1 scene added for Molly, including Grapple scene image by Hilent
- 1 background updated
- 1 scene added to submissive plotline
- 1 scene added to Mysterious revenge plotline
- 1 scene added to Bimbo Val conversations
Zoey Hypnotized
This was a request for :iconrobbie-patterson: who wanted to see his avatar hypnotizing Zoey with a coin. I went with trying to emulate pokemon's style with this one. Not sure how well I did, fingers crossed I did alright. xD

I've been running a Patreon campaign to help my budget balance out and so I can afford more art for my game, Adventure High. If you like my work, consider giving it a look here:

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Slowly, and deliberately, Ariel lifted herself from the chair. So far, the installation did not seem to have any adverse affect on her mobility. She would test that by walking to the door while the chip processed her request. It might take a little while for the chip to process her question into a format the site could parse, then for the crowd-sourcing process to begin. Then there was-

-Top result found: Surprise Delivery!

-Description: Slut gets surprise visit that turns into much more! Hot XXX Sexy action!

Ariel's eyes widened, her body freezing in place as she “heard” the chip's reply echo into her mind. Something had gone horribly wrong, this was not a reply from her server. It sounded like the top result in some porn search engine. She had to get the chip out and-

-Notice: Resistance detected. Initiating behavior modification program.

“No no no! I'm not resisting the crowdsourcing the chip got the wrong server!” she cried out, it was a long shot that the chip would notice, understand, or care what she had to say. Still, she had nothing better to try as she ran at a full sprint back to the chair. Her only hope was to uninstall the chip before the pro-

-Behavior modification program initiated.

She was running out of time. She grabbed the arm of the chair with both hands to halt her momentum as she reached it. Her breath ragged as her pulse pounded in her chest. She turned and pounded on the keyboard, she was lucky that she had made the install and uninstall protocols into shortcuts that only took a few keystrokes to activate.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the light come on indicating that all she had to do was sit down and-

-Immobilizing body.

No. No no no! She was RIGHT THERE. All she needed was to shift a little weight. Just lean a little bit and fall onto the chair. The machines would take care of the rest… but… she couldn't. She knew she couldn't.

-Adjusting parameters.

Her heart pounded in her chest, and she wasn't sure if it was from the running or from worry. She knew what would come next. She would-

-Adjusting parameters.

She almost wanted to shake her head, but she knew she couldn't do that either. She could tell it was working. She knew it would work. Just like it had done to her test subjects she-

-Adjusting parameters.

-wanted to squirm. Her breathing was ragged and hot. Her heart was pounding as she felt herself growing moist down below. She never expected her experiment to-

-Adjusting parameters.

-go so well. Whatever worries she had, she couldn't think of them now. The chip was working fine, and now all she needed to do was see who was at the door.

-Restoring mobility.

Finally, the tension in her muscles that held her in place relaxed. She had to hurry if she was going to get to the door before whoever it was lost interest. She kind of hoped it was someone hot and ready to throw down with her. She hadn't been laid in… ever. That was odd, with her body… heck, with her tech she could have anyone she wanted.

She ran up the stairs from her lab and up to the front door, pulling it open and wheezing out a “Wait!” as she flung the door open when she saw the back of a person outside facing her. She'd arrived barely in time.

The person turned around, a smile on her face as she walked quickly back up to the doorway. Ariel's heart dropped. It wasn't a stud ready to bang her into next week… It was just Becka. Maybe it would have been better if she had been a little slower…

“Oh, I thought I missed you! I guess you were just busy with one of your little 'experiments' well I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would come by and see how my favorite little niece is doing have you won a nobel prize yet I'm sure you'll be a part of an amazing discovery any time now anyways...”

Ariel let out a long sigh, not that Becka would notice or care. If not for the fact that she obviously wanted something from her, she probably wouldn't even notice if she walked away right now. Becka certainly didn't have much in the way of tact or subtlety.

“...and you know how your uncle can be he can just forget that he's human at all he spends so much on his lab equipment we hardly have room to get food on the table...”

She did know her uncle, better than Becka ever bothered to get to know him. He was quite good with money, and shrewd as well. More likely, he had set up his accounts to appear drawn out to keep her from going on another shopping spree.

It was no secret that she married into the family for her uncle's wealth and presence in the tech industry. Well… It was no secret among the rest of the family. Becka was… a bit slow. To be honest, she had no idea how her uncle fell for her obvious gold digging scheme, but if she had to guess it would have to be Becka's almost porn-star body. Huge, natural tits, long golden hair, thick lips, strong hips and an ass that…

She shook her head. She wasn't THAT horny. Sure, she might be willing to… Experiment… but not with this woman. It was difficult enough not to slam the door in her face; a feat she only accomplished out of respect for her uncle.

“...So if you do think you could lend me just a little bit for groceries I'll make sure your uncle pays you back as soon as he gets his next check in I mean I wouldn't want to see your uncle going hungry or...”

And there it was. Just another attempt to leech money off of the rest of the family because her uncle cut her spending money off. She had half a mind to-

-Top result found: Casting Couch

-Description: Desperate MILF auditions for role as lead actress… Ends up a porn star.

Fuck! That was why she was running back to the chair, the chip was still connected to that porn server! She had to stop this fast or she was going to do something she was going to regret later.

“Listen I nee-”

“It's just a little bit, really. All I need is a couple hundred to make it through the month.”

-Notice: Resistance detected. Initiating behavior modification program.

“No you don't under-”

“I wouldn't even be asking if it wasn't an emergency, I know how important your work is to you”

“You need to-”

-Behavior modificiation program initiated

“I'd be willing to make it up to you if there was anything I could do but you know I'm no good with computers.

“STOP TALKING AND LISTEN!” she screamed, she didn't have time for politeness! “It is extremely important that-”

-Immobilizing body

Shit. Too late. Her words caught in her mouth even as she tried to speak them, and now she couldn't move a muscle. She had a feeling she knew where this was going to end…

-Adjusting Parameters

“Are you alright dear? You aren't having a stroke are you?” Becka asked, leaning closer to examine her. This was just great. The last thing she needed was to have her filling her entire field of view.

-Adjusting Parameters

“Well? Speak up. What was so important that you had to scream at me?” she said, the surprise had worn off now and her brief moment of concern was quickly changing into irritation. At least if Ariel had to be staring at anyone it was someone who was reasonably attractive.

-Adjusting Parameters.

She could think of more than a few things she'd do with that woman if she had the chance. She did have a chance… come to think of it…

-Restoring mobility

“Oh, sorry.” Ariel apologized as she felt her body relax “One of my experiments, you see. Nothing serious just residual effect of getting a bit tense.”

“I see… well as I was saying I would consider it a huge favor if you-”

“Yes! Yes, I know how you can give me a hand and you wouldn't have to touch anything electronic or… Well… It will be easy for you I promise. Afterward, I'll give you five hundred dollars and you can keep it.” She said quickly as her heart began to pound in her chest. She could hardly believe she was going to do this!

“Well, that's more like it. No side effects or weird experiments though, right?” Becka asked skeptically as Ariel ushered her inside.

“No, no side effects and you'll feel right at home with this one.” She replied, hiding her rapidly growing grin by standing behind Becka, pushing her inside and closing the door behind them.

“Well alright, but make it quick I am in a bit of a hurry.”

“Not a problem just… sit in here and let me get something from my lab. Nothing weird! Nothing you can't handle!”

Ariel sprinted towards her lab, skipping every other step on the way down. She was certainly getting her exercise in today.

She looked around the room for something she could use. Becka would never agree to what she had planned, so something that affected her judgement… Something that she could use quickly or looked safe enough…


A grin spread across her face as her eyes landed on a stick of lipstick. She'd invented it on one of her… lonelier nights, but never had the nerve to actually go out into public and test it. She grabbed a mirror and put the lipstick on as best she could. It looked a little thick, and it was a rather conspicuous shade of green but she didn't have time to make a version that matched her normal lip color.

She had to trust in change blindness to keep Becka from becoming too suspicious. She licked her lips to activate the chemicals. It's reaction with her DNA would prime it, and the next DNA source would activate it…

She had to compose herself now. She slowly walked up the stairs, giving her time to catch her breath before she got back to the room she had left Becka in. As she walked through the doorway, Becka looked up at her nervously, grasping the purse in her lap as she did.

“I-I'm not really sure about this.” she said, “I mean… I need the money but I'd like to at least know what you are going to be doing first.”

Ariel strolled across the room, her hips swaying as she began to take on a more predatory expression. This was the only way out of the room. She had her now.

“It's a… Psychological experiment. Knowing about it might affect the results” she said as she closed the distance between them.

“So… No weird gadgets then?”

She smiled and leaned over the chair “Nothing like that...” she said as she kissed her aunt-in-law directly on the lips.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” Becka's eyes shot wide open as she went to push Ariel away, her hands landing on Ariel's breasts and lingering.

“It's part of the experiment”

“Part of the…” Becka's voice trailed off as her eyes gazed up and down along Ariel's body, though it was mostly covered by her labcoat, it was obvious she liked what she saw for at least a moment before she shook her head, standing up and pushing Ariel out of the way.

“This is sick!” She demanded as she rubbed her lips with one hand “You think I'm just some hooker who'll get you… Who'll get you off for a couple hundred bucks?”

Ariel smiled widely she was confident in her inventions, she had already won before Becka even knew there was a game to play.

“I'm leaving! And if I don't tell your uncle about this you will be very lucky!” she huffed, though she stood perfectly still for several moments before finally tearing her eyes away and storming out of the house.

Ariel sat down in the chair, looking at her watch to check the time. It had to have only been fifteen seconds since the initial contact. At forty five seconds she heard the car engine starting up. One minute, thirty seconds the engine shut back off. Three minutes, fifty seconds, she heard a knock on the door.

She looked up from the watch and walked casually to the door, licking her lips in anticipation this time before opening it. Becka stood on the other side, her eyes showing a desperate need in them that had been lacking a few minutes ago.

“It's… It's cash, right?” she said, squirming in place.

“What do you mean?”

“Five hundred. Cash. We do it and I leave with cash in my hands right?”

“No.” Ariel answered bluntly

“Wh-what? Please, I-I need it...”

Casually, Ariel shrugged, feigning disinterest “So, you are a hooker.”

“Y… Yes.” she admitted, looking utterly defeated “I'm a hooker, please…”

“Well frankly, I'm insulted you think I need one.”

“What…? But you...”

“I'm not paying for sex, from anyone.”

“Please… You don't have to pay…”

Ariel raised an eyebrow, feigning a slight interest now. Inside, her heart was pounding harder than ever. Everything came down to this.

“What are you saying?”

“I… I need you…”

“Prove it.”


“If you need me so badly, prove it.”

“I… I'll do anything! I'll let you experiment on me! Whatever you want name it!”

A grin spread across Ariel's face. Oh, she would name something alright. Now what to ask for...

Ariel's Experiment 2
This is part 2 of Ariel's experiment. If you want to help decide what will happen in the next part, you can vote here:

Part 3:…
Part 1:…

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The sound of the alarm was the first, and only, thing on Ashley's mind when she woke up the next morning. She wasn't entirely sure why she still set an alarm; it wasn't like she had to work anymore. Though, that wasn't entirely true if she really thought about it.

She wasn't the one who was independently wealthy; Grant was. If he did go power mad, she imagined he wouldn't be too happy about her turning his powers off. He would still be rich, and live in a mansion, but she would probably have to move back out into an apartment and find a new job. She was the one with the most to lose if it ever came to that…

It seemed like every time she thought about it, the worse his plan ended up being. Was that by design, or was he just really bad at making plans? It wasn't like he was a manager or anything before this happened, so she never really got to see what kind of planner he was. Based on how much trouble he has controlling his power though, she was starting to get the feeling this was a case of unlimited power being wielded with very limited wisdom.

Maybe he should make himself more intelligent. He had to be able to affect himself, otherwise he couldn't have given her the power to turn his power off. She probably shouldn't suggest that to him though; if a super intelligent version of him went power mad, he would have no trouble at all making sure she either didn't notice or couldn't do anything about it.

Her train of thought was broken by the sudden absence of the alarm sound. Looking to her right, she saw whats-her-face standing next to the alarm. She was wearing an almost fetishized version of a maid outfit, and was now bowing towards her.

“Good morning, Mistress. Do you need anything?” She asked, keeping her eyes down meekly.

“So, when are you going to make me call you Mistress?” A voice from the other side of her teased. Amanda had never actually made it back to her own room after last night. Well… After most of yesterday afternoon and night.

“No, you can do… whatever you do.” Ashley said to the woman who's name still escaped her. She was sure she heard the name several times by now, but for some reason she could never seen to remember it. Maybe she didn't want to remember it? “And Amanda, I'm sure you called me Mistress a few times last night.”

“Yeah, but you didn't make me do it.” The cheerful red-head replied.

“Grant is the one who can make you do things, not me.” Ashley replied, pausing for a moment “Well, at least he had the sense not to turn you back into his girlfriend… Yet.”

When she looked back at Amanda, she was biting her lower lip and blushing hard. Once she made eye contact, she looked away shyly.

“What's wrong?” Ashley asked, her heart dropping sharply “He… Didn't, did he?”

“No! No, he didn't. It's just… It's hot that he could and you wouldn't actually remember me being your girlfriend if he made me his.”

This was going to bother her for a while. Did Amanda actually like her now, or did she just like that she may or may not have been made to like her? Was their new relationship simply a way to make her enjoy being made into Grant's girlfriend randomly hotter for her? This train of thought was interrupted though by Ashley clinging to her arm.

“You don't have to worry! Just 'cause it's hot doesn't mean I want it to happen!”

Ashley let out a sigh. It was unfair to hold Amanda's fetish against her like that. Technically, Grant could do that to anyone he wanted, and make them enjoy it. It was a wonder that she wasn't one of the girls he decided to randomly make into temporary girlfriends now and again. Enough of a wonder that it, again, crossed her mind that if he did, she wouldn't remember it.

All of that was needless worrying though. It wasn't like she could really do anything about it now, and as far as she and the universe were concerned it never happened. If she let herself get worked up over the idea of what things could have happened that were already undone her imagination would never let her rest.

“It's okay, it's just early. I should probably get some breakfast.”

“Do you want me to make anything for you?” Amanda asked, obviously eager to get to do something for her.

“Maybe tonight you can make me a nice dinner,” She replied “I'd like to go out and get something to eat. Actually spend some time in town that isn't at that mall.”

That wasn't the only reason she wanted out of the house quickly though. The less time the two of them spent around Grant the less chance he might get tempted to mess with them. She would probably have to talk to him directly about this; make it clear that she didn't want him undoing their relationship, but right now she needed food.

Finally climbing out of bed, she walked over to the closet to pick out some clothes to wear. “Do you need to go to your room to get your clothes?” She asked over her shoulder as she began to get dressed.

“No, I'll go like this.”

“Are you sure” Ashley said, looking back at Amanda who was wearing a pair of purple silk pajama pants and some slippers.

“Well I mean it's only breakfast. It's not illegal to be comfortable.” She replied in an almost teasing voice.

“It's not…” Ashley began slowly “but people will probably stare at you wearing pajama pants in public like that.”

“Let them stare!” Amanda declared, stretching he arms above her head, “It's a lazy morning, so I'm going to be lazy.”

“You wanted to cook me breakfast a minute ago.”

“That was a minute ago. If I'm not cooking, it's a lazy morning for me.”

It wasn't that important an issue, so Ashley decided to just let it slide. She still didn't have any bras, but she was not going back to that damned mall again. She almost envied Amanda's smaller breasts; Amanda could go out completely topless without much problem, but if she tried going without some kind of support she would pay for it later. Just one more thing to blame Grant for.

Squeezing into a third shirt, she looked over her shoulder at Amanda “You're lucky you believed him. Doubting him got me these giant things, and I can't even get a bra to support them.”

“Why not have him change them back?”

“He can't. He said if he does I would forget about them, which would make me go back to disbelief.”

“Not even if he changed them back non-retroactively?”

“I… He… Well… Fuck it we're getting out of here. He can get an earful when we get back.” Amanda was entirely right. Why didn't she consider that before? He was able to non-retroactively do anything without any problems. The problems only showed up when he did use retroactive changes.

He lied to her. Was he just waiting to see how long it would take her to catch on? Did he want her to have huge breasts for his own entertainment?? She had to get out of the house before her outrage made her say or do something she might regret later…

Ashley didn't say another word until she was outside the mansion, looking at her old car; just as beaten up as always. “All this stress and he can't even fix up my car. It's like he's making sure I'm the one with everything to lose if I actually do my job.”

“Maybe he doesn't want to mess with your car in case you might be sentimental?”

“He messed with these!” Ashley snapped, gesturing at her breasts “I think I'm a bit more sentimental about my body than anything I own.”

“Do… You want to talk to him before we go?”

“No…” She huffed, opening the door of her car and climbing in as she responded “I just want to get out of here”

Amanda walked quickly around to the other side of the car to get in. She stayed quiet for most of the drive into town. At first, it frustrated her; especially the sound of Amanda typing on her phone's keyboard, but after a few minutes she finally started to calm down.

For one thing, she really shouldn't have complained about her increased cup size and lack of bras to Amanda like she did. Hers were barely Cs, if that, while Amanda was perfectly comfortable with her D cups jiggling freely right next to her.

Besides which, Grant had provided her with all sorts of clothes that she could use if she wanted to. It was her own stubbornness that lead to her wanting to get her own bras. Even the car wasn't really his fault. She had the keys to use any of the other cars if she wanted. She was the one who insisted on keeping her car when he first won the lo-

Hold on.

Nothing that happened during the first month of his lottery winning actually happened. She pulled into the nearest parking lot, slamming on the brakes as she got into a parking spot to catch Amanda off guard and snatching her phone away to look at it.

“So you continue to know, I swapped your breast sizes. You are a D now, right?”


“Is that everything? She isn't upset about anything else?”

Her anger began to overflow as she read those texts. She was almost afraid to scroll up and see what else they were doing to her while she was busy driving.

“What. Is. This??” she yelled, waving the phone in Amanda's face.

“I'm sorry! I-I just… I thought...”

“What did you two do to me??”

“P-Please! Don't be mad! I just thought I could smooth things out between you two...”

“Is that all you are? Just here to keep me from getting angry and turning his powers off??”

“No! I just… I thought if he knew what was upsetting you… he would fix it...”

“By fucking with my body even more? Screwing with my head??”

She turned away from Amanda, looking down at the phone and scrolling up to the start of the conversation so she could see what the two of them did to her.

“Ashley is pretty pissed off.”

“What's wrong? Can she talk to me?”

“She's driving”

“Driving angry?”


“Okay, just tell me what she's told you. I'll get her calmed down for now and then we can talk about this when you two get home.”

She could feel her anger changing to guilt as she read the texts. He wasn't changing her to keep her under control. He was trying to keep her safe… Again. Why didn't she ever trust him? Why did she let her paranoia build up like this?

After several moments looking over the texts, she let out a long sigh. Amanda didn't deserve this. She wasn't even sure what to say to her before she felt Amanda's arms around her, pulling her into an awkward hug.

“I'm sorry.” Amanda said softly, holding her as much as she could from the other seat of the car.

Ashley held the phone out to offer it back “You… You did what you thought was best… Just… Just tell him I'll be ready to talk to him when we get back.”

Corrupts Absolutely 9
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