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Here are a couple new images that were added to the game recently, drawn by Caveman Doodles. 

msRack07 Small by HypnoChanger sarah01b Small by HypnoChanger

Play Now:…

So, Adventure High 0.30 is here. This one has a lot more artwork than most updates, and includes the enslavement of another faculty member. The Faculty Control path is probably going to be ramping up towards it's endgame soon now that 3 out of 4 teachers can be enslaved. 

For those who have not yet played it, Adventure High is a cross between RPG and Visual Novel where you attend a school to learn how to use magic to survive as an adventurer. With a gift for control related magic, you have the power to support others and bring out their potential; or to bring them under your control. 

The game has a major emphasis on player choice and consequences. Most games tend to just have an easy to manipulate morality meter, or limits you to only a few key choices. In this game, one of my main goals is to give as much freedom to make choices, or proactively take action to change the direction the story is going. And no. Morality. Meter. The plot will unfold depending on the things you decide to do and not simply how many good or evil points you get from doing things. 

So, here's what's new in this update:

- Avatar for Mr. Drape updated.
- Updated Images added to make-out scene with Sarah after the first date.
- 1 new scene added to Jane tamed plot.
- Variation of Cassandra's Library scene added for her willing slave plotline.
- Jane's library scene added.
- 1 scene added to Jane Tamed plot.
- You can now command Molly to give you shop items for free (Note, will cause her to get fired if abused)
- New shop interface with Derrick if Molly was fired.
- 1 new scene added for Molly being fired.
- 1 new Caveman Doodles image added to Bimbofication Ending.
- Molly's personality change sequences added. (Avatar only changes for Classic art for now)
- 1 new scene for Erin added
- 1 new area added


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“So, I really didn't believe him at first,” Amanda said casually as she lead Ashley through the hallway. “But, you know, he's the boss. No sense arguing with the guy who pays your bills, you know?”

Ashley mumbled a quick agreement, though not a lot of what the woman was saying made sense to her. She understood the words; she supposed that was fortunate in it's self. She could have ended up forgetting that too. Still, the context and meaning seemed foreign. Why was he the boss? What bills were there, and why was he paying them? How was he paying them?

“So, when did he tell you about his powers?” Amanda asked, the question breaking Ashley out of her train of thought. He hadn't fixed her yet though, so her only memories were of being a mannequin. She must have had a life, a real life, before that but she could not remember a bit of it.

“I… Don't know.” She answered slowly “I guess you'd have to ask after Grant fixes me.”

“Right… Yeah, you don't remember either...”

There was an uncomfortable silence after that. Amanda led her into another room where they each took a seat across from each other. She was used to remaining still and silent; it was practically all she knew, but she could tell that the silence was growing uncomfortable.

“So… Does this kind of thing happen often?” She asked, trying to come up with some topic of conversation. The other woman twirled her long blonde hair for a moment, pondering, before she made her reply.

“I have no idea, really.” Amanda said, looking up at the ceiling. “I mean, maybe this happens every day and Grant just wipes our memory afterward? This is the first time something like this happened that I remember and I've been his maid for months.”

Ashley pondered for a moment, “He could have just wiped your memory and sent you back to work.” she suggested “So, maybe he doesn't do that?”

“Maybe, but then again I'm not done with the weirdness yet. I have to take care of you until he fixes you.” she replied, waving her hand back and forth as though she hadn't decided which scenario she wanted to believe.

Ashley sat for a few more moments silently; it was odd to think of herself as broken, but to her only broken things get fixed. If this fixing involved making her even more human though, she didn't see much wrong with it.

She kicked her feet a few times, her mind drifting to the two new mannequins they brought home with them. After all they tried to put her through they got off easy, getting to be animated again. Even if one of them was a mindless cowgirl now. She shifted her weight uncomfortably at the mental image; she still wasn't sure if Grant was being honest about her always liking girls.

Statistically speaking, it was way more likely that she was straight before this had all started. On the other hand, Grant didn't really get anything out of it. He could easily have made her bisexual instead, which would make more sense if he was going to take advantage…

“Earth to Ashley” Grant's voice shook her out of her thoughts, as she looked up, she heard Amanda's voice next.

“We've been trying to get your attention for a few minutes. Grant wanted to see if you were feeling better.”

Ashley blinked a few times to clear her head “I… Guess I got lost in a train of thought...”

“Do you remember who you are now though?” Grant asked, looking down at her from over her shoulder “I need to make sure your memories are back.”

“Yeah I… guess I didn't even notice when they came back.” She answered, realizing that she hadn't even noticed when her train of thought had moved into her old memories.

“Um...” Amanda raised a hand nervously “I still don't remember her being human before. Are you sure you did it right?”

“Yeah, I didn't make this one retroactive. So… I suppose only she and I remember when she was human.”

“I have a life outside of you, you know!” Ashley snapped, realizing what this meant for her “Not one of my friends, or my family will remember anything about me? That seems fair to you?”

Grant put his face in his hands, breathing a long sigh before speaking “Of course I made your parents remember too. I did it individually to avoid having something else screwed up.”

“Then why don't I remember her?” Amanda asked, raising a skeptical eyebrow.

“Because today is the most you two have ever interacted with each other.”

“You don't know that” Ashley responded, still feeling annoyed and wanting to get one over on him for a change “Maybe we've been having a secret affair. Would you know about something like that?”

Amanda walked next to Ashley, putting a hand around her shoulder “Yeah, it gets so lonely around here, maybe I decided to find a 'friend' to spend my nights with.” she added, joining in on the story. Either she just wanted to tease him too, or she was trying to get back at him for having her memories messed with.

Rather than being taken aback, Grant grinned mischievously “Really now? I guess I wouldn't know. So… Whatever you tell her, she'll believe. How's that?”

Before she had a chance to object, he spun around to exit the room. With Amanda hanging on her shoulder, she couldn't follow him right away, though now she had Amanda to deal with.

“So… Was that true?” She asked, almost as soon as the words left her mouth though, she spoke again “Actually wait, he said whatever you tell me would be true. So...”

“So… What?”

“Well, you wouldn't have to tell the truth.” She ventured, waving her hand in a circular motion as she spoke.

Ashley's heart skipped a beat. First he made Jasmine submissive to her, then made whats-her-name her slave, and now she could make Amanda believe anything she wanted. Was Grant setting her up to have this kind of power on purpose or was it just a coincidence?

The last time, she had to text Grant and tell him to undo it, but in this case, all she had to do was tell Amanda the truth if she wanted to put a stop to it. As she looked Amanda over though, she had to admit it was tempting to spin a little story. She did seem open to the idea, and based on her earlier attitude might even have a thing for being manipulated.

“...Isn't that right Ashley?”

“Huh.. Yeah, I guess so.” She said, blinking a few times as Amanda's voice snapped her out of her thoughts again.

“So… What would you like to tell me?” she asked, a grin spreading over her face.

Ashley paused for a few more moments; she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. It seemed like Amanda had already made up her mind about what she wanted, but in that case would it make things better or worse for them to play along?

“How about a compromise?” she asked, finally.

“What kind of compromise?”

“I tell you the truth… in a fun way?”

“That works.” Amanda replied with a smile “So… Story time?”

“Yeah, story time.” She agreed.

She told Amanda everything she remembered; as far as she remembered it. How she found out about Grant's powers, how they met, and even that she's been Grant's girlfriend and maid at different times. As she did, she made sure to embellish here and there whenever it seemed like Amanda was getting anxious for more details.

When she finally reached the present day, Amanda looked like she was entirely enraptured by the story. She wondered what it must feel like to continually feel her memories altered in real time. If Amanda's face was any indication, it must feel really good.

She looked like she was having such a good time, Ashley couldn't bring herself to stop the story yet. She recounted the events of the day as far as she was able to remember them; what it felt like to be a mannequin, the way her memories were distorted, and how seamlessly her memories had come back to her.

That part, Amanda seemed even more excited by. Was she only interested because of the whole mannequin thing? She didn't recall Amanda ever seeming to be attracted to her before today. But then, it had only been a couple real days since this all started.

“So… What about us?” Amanda asked “You haven't said if there was anything between us.”

“I did say you were Grant's girlfriend a few times”

“Yeah, but you also said it was an affair earlier.” she replied “So, were we ever a thing or what?”

Ashley took a deep breath. She wanted to put it off a bit longer; she didn't want to disappoint Amanda now, but she also didn't want to start a relationship on a lie. “What would you like the answer to be?”

Amanda let out a giggle, leaning in closer “Oh, no. I'm not telling you anything. I want you to decide.” though the way she pushed her chest out seemed to indicate well enough what she was hoping the answer to be.

She let the breath go, there was no getting direct permission here. But then, that might be what Amanda finds fun about it, and it wasn't like this was even a tenth as bad as what she's let Grant get away with by now.

“Well, of course whenever you are a maid you need some company” she said with a slow grin “And Jasmine really isn't your type...”

Amanda's eyes seemed to light up with excitement and she grinned back “So, who could I possibly find to share my time with?”

“I think you know who.”

“Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.”

“Because you are feeling sappy, or because you know what will happen if I do?”

Amanda bit her lower lip in anticipation, nodding without indicating which of the two she meant yes to. Perhaps both. Ashley spoke again, her own heart pounding in excitement. She could hardly believe she was about to do this, but she was tired of doubting if what she felt was real.

She leaned into Amanda's ear as she spoke in a gentle whisper “We haven't done anything with each other yet… because you wanted to save it for tonight.”

Amanda let out a soft gasp as the new memories filled in her mind. “Oh wow, I've been leading you on for a while. I hope I'm worth the wait”

Corrupts Absolutely 8
This is part 8 of the Corrupts Absolutely story. This part is about 1800 words long, and contains themes of mind control, memory manipulation, f/f and reality bending. 

Part 7: Corrupts Absolutely 7

I've been running a Patreon campaign to help my budget balance out, if you enjoy my work, and would like some nice bonuses like High Res versions of my art, and early game and writing updates you can check it out here:
Cerebella Dominates
This was a request for Skullman2033, who wanted to see Cerebella using Viceversa to hold the viewer while she hypnotizes them. 

I've been running a patreon campaign to help balance out my budget, if you enjoy my work and would be interested in some bonuses such as high res versions of my art and early game updates you can check it out here:
Brainwashing Chair - May
This was a request for :iconnorite-kinen: who wanted to see May in her original outfit strapped into a brainwashing chair. I'm not great with chairs, but after a few attempts I think I got it looking like she's actually sitting. xD

I've been running a Patreon campaign to help my budget balance out. If you enjoy my art and would like some nice bonuses such as high res versions of my art and early game updates you can check it out here:
Buckaress Entranced
Forgot to upload this here. I did this one randomly of Buckaress from Super Redundant. Tried to match the style fairly closely for the lineart; deviated to do smooth shading though. Still working out how to improve my shading technique. 

If you enjoy my artwork and would be interested in some nice bonuses, you can check out my patreon here:
OC Isis Trapped
This was a request for :iconhomeboy8221: who wanted to see their OC, Isis, falling into a villain's hypnotic trap. 

I have been running a Patreon campaign to help my budget balance out; if you enjoy my work and would be interested in some nice bonuses you can check it out here:


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am many things, a hypnotist, an artist, game developer, though only the first do I have strong experience in so far.

It is in my nature to entertain; to make people happy. To this end I have worked to improve my artistic skills in order to create works that others will enjoy.

Sadly, due to the economy, and my lack of funds for college, my day job is less than glamorous. I work for the water treatment plant in my area, this job is though better than the others I've had in one major degree: It's stable. Its gross and smells bad around there, but I'll never have to worry about my position being outsourced or no longer being needed.

Current Residence: Orange, TX


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